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Hoff The Record

Hollywood legend David Hasselhoff is back for more surreal adventures, playing a fictionalised version of himself attempting to revive his flagging career with the help of his long suffering entourage.  The series opens with a botched attempt at raising Hoff’s profile by faking his death.  When the plan backfires, his manager Max’s solution is to rehabilitate Hoff’s image by putting him into rehab while making some money on the side selling confessional videos. But Hoff soon falls under the spell of a patient who recruits him in a suicide pact and needs to be rescued. With Max and Hoff’s relationship at a low point they go their separate ways.  Max woos a young client whose hell raising behaviour he can’t control, while Hoff gets a big talking manager who promises to get him Shakespeare but signs him up to a celebrity cage fighting contest instead.  After Max intervenes to save Hoff’s dignity and reunite the team they try to kick start Hoff’s career again.  But after Max inadvertently books him to sing at a wedding of a stalker fan with disastrous results, Hoff takes his career into his own hands.  He enters a devil’s pact with a suave businessman to fund a musical he’s trying to get off the ground but at a huge cost. The series ends with Max finally coming good by securing Hoff a much coveted role in a feature film…. a low budget horror film in Romania.  But will it be enough to revive Hoff’s career?





6 x 30′ for DAVE
Starring: David Hasselhoff, Asim Chaudhry, Brett Goldstein, Ella Smith, Fergus Craig & Mark Quartley
Guest starring: Alex MacQueen, Jessica Hynes, Shaun Dooley, Sarah Hadland, Jamie Demetriou,
James Lance, Kevin Eldon, , Ralph Little & Tracy-Ann Oberman
Written by: David Hasselhoff, Richard Yee, Chris Hale, Josh Hyams & Gordon Anderson
Devised and Produced by:  Krishnendu Majumdar & Richard Yee
Directed by: Gordon Anderson
Distributor: BBC Worldwide