Me+You | The Moaning Of Life Series 2 – ​6 x 60′ Sky One
Me and You Productions award winning production company
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The Moaning Of Life

Pack your case for another trip as Karl now turns his attention to some of life’s other big issues, embarking on an epic trip that takes him from the arctic conditions of Iceland to rural India, Mexico, Germany, across America and to the metropolis of Tokyo. Karl moans his way through a whole new series of bizarre and outlandish experiences including; fighting street crime with real-life superheroes, learning what life on Mars would be like and experiencing the transformational effect of having hair again.




6 x 60′ for Sky One

Starring: Karl Pilkington
Produced by: Jodie Krstic
Directed by: Jamie O’Leary, Will Yapp, Richard Yee & Simon Smith
Executive Producers: Richard Yee & Krishnendu Majumdar